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Fly Armor protects your animal with an invisible shield of tranquility.

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Bridle and Bit Magazine Online says Fly Armor™ revolutionizes how riders and farm managers win the war against insects.
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From Joan F. Knouse:

Ok, I have to admit I was more than a little skeptical about how well your product works. If I had said anything then I would be eating my words now.

I love your product. I purchased the mane and tail product. I got two, since it has not been all that warm yet and attached them on Sunday of this week. At first my gelding was a little irritated at the tail piece but has adjusted to it being there. 

I noticed the difference even before I turned him back out as the flies decreased while we were still in the barn. He quit stomping his feet about 10 minutes after opening the insert package, even before I got everything attached. 

The barn where I keep my horse is next to a cow/calf operation and their pasture is right behind the barn area and paddocks. We have tons of flies. The other horses are constantly stamping, swishing tails and biting their sides but my guy is much more peaceful. Flies are still around but he is so much calmer.

This is what I like about your product:
He is cleaner everyday when I go out and I spend much less time cleaning him up.
No residue on his coat when brushing.
He is happier, which is the most important thing.
They are pleasant smelling, unlike fly sprays.

You have developed a really great product. Now I am going to get the leg bands and put one in his paddock shelter and the other in the trailer. I will be recommending these to anyone who will listen.

Best regards and a happy customer.
Joan F.




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