Insect Repellent Gear for Horses and Dogs

Information about our all-natural insect repellent gear for horses and dogs

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Fly Armor protects your animal with an invisible shield of tranquility.

Halter with pollband and cheekband

Fly Armor Insect Repellent for Horses and Dogs

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Monte Schvaneveldt
"Fly Armor is both economical and effective.  I highly recommend it for horses anywhere."
Monte Schvaneveldt
Farm Manager for renowned Schvaneveldt Ranch

Fly Armor Information

Fly Armor™ insect repellent gear provides an invisible shield of tranquility against flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums for approximately four weeks, depending upon weather conditions. The unique component of a Fly Armor™ band is the scented, eco-friendly replacement insert. Our inserts protect your animal from bothersome flying insects. Fly Armor offers gear in assorted styles. Replacement inserts last approximately 4 weeks.

Fly Armor has been field tested at farms and in the laboratory to bring you the highest quality product available for you and your dog or horse. The repellent in Fly Armor™ products has been manufactured using only all-natural ingredients that are 100% free from toxic chemicals. For additional protection, Fly Armor™ gear is constructed with a special backing to prevent leaching of the repellent through the noseband onto the skin.

Revolutionary inserts are effective in moderately warm temperatures to extreme heat. In cooler temps, more inserts and gear may be required. During moderate temperatures, the inserts have been shown to last longer than four weeks.

During extreme heat, the scented vapor zone is greatly enhanced and fewer inserts are needed. However, inserts in high temps may last less than four weeks.

Once horses start to sweat, fly wipes and sprays become ineffective. Fly Armor Gear saves you time, money and effort. Instead of wiping or spraying your horse once a day or more, just slide Fly Armor inserts into the gear once a month, and that's it! Remember to order replaceable inserts for the length of your fly season! The bands are lightweight, durable and washable.

Fly Armor Insect Repellent for Horses and Dogs

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  • All natural insect repellent gear

  • Repels flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas  and no-see-ums

  • Unique scented blend of essential oils

  • Economical, long-lasting
    eco-friendly inserts

  • Easily attachable

  • Lightweight, durable and washable

  • Barrier on back of noseband protects your horse's skin

  • Deodorizes stalls


Noseband on the trail


Use Fly Armor:

  • while trail riding

  • during event competition

  • for endurance riding

  • in stalls or paddocks

  • during van travel

Remember to order replacement inserts for the length of your fly season!

Please email us and tell us your comments and suggestions for Fly Armor use. We want to hear from you!


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